Epic of the Golden Path: Elara's Challenge

Epic of the Golden Path at BC Game.

In the world of the pirate saga, Captain Ellara goes beyond a simple treasure hunt - she undertakes a unique challenge known as the Treasure Map Tournament. These maps are not just guides, but battle arenas where each marker carries not only a glimmer of gold, but also a challenge to destiny. Now, in the digital reality of BC.GAME, these maps beckon brave adventurers.

Legends tell of a Lost Legacy that guards secret riches. Wild rumours swirl about the Golden Invitation, the key to the great trophy of Ellara. A heart-chilling challenge stands before you - the "Snow Battle". A thrilling game unfolds on the BC.GAME platform where Ellara challenges the brave. Are you ready to take on this challenge and enter a game where every move could be decisive?

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Immerse yourself in an exciting world of opportunities where earning money takes on new meaning with friends! Join our community, build your income and share the fun with your loved ones. Each invitation is not only an opportunity to strengthen relationships, but also to increase your income. Earn money by inviting your friends, because it's more fun together, and your earnings become even more meaningful and enjoyable!

New Year's Eve Competitions: Excitement for the Holidays!

Welcome to the exciting world of New Year's Eve competitions on BC.GAME! We have a unique opportunity to celebrate the coming New Year by participating in exciting events where you can simply enjoy playing slots or placing bets to be a part of this exciting celebration. Your chances of winning start to increase with every bet, and exciting prizes and unforgettable experiences open up in front of you! Join us and welcome the new year with enthusiasm, excitement and the chance to be a winner!

General Conditions:

  1. To participate, play at least 100 rounds in the selected games with a minimum bet of $0.1.
  2. Leaderboard ranking depends on the total amount of bets made by the player in the tournament.
  3. Each bet contributes to the player's total score, and higher amounts result in higher rankings.
  4. In the event of a tie, the player who achieved the result first will be ranked higher.
  5. Only real money is involved.

Prediction competition for sports betting enthusiasts

Take part in the FIFA Xmas Challenge until 12 December, predict the winners, place a minimum bet of $5 and be in with a chance of winning a share of the $10,000 prize pool. Only bets on winning teams count.

270% up to $20,000 BCD Bonus at BC.GAME Crypto Casino!

Time left: 13:47

BC.GAME, the leading crypto gambling platform in the world, offers you, our loyal players, not 1 but 4 deposit bonuses.
Using promo code:

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